About Us


Powered by the tireless dedication and innovative ideas, Essor Drive, as well as ESSOR PRECISION MACHINERY INC. one of the leading worm wheel manufacturers in the world, see ourselves as worm drive solution providers to customers who require worm wheel customization design or simply wish to have worm wheel gears made according to their drawings.

Thanks to stringent requirements, guidance, and audit from Siemens as well as high-quality equipment from Germany, we are able to learn and grow rapidly through failures and mistakes. In a short period of time, Essor has accumulated expertise through manufacturing high-precision worms and worm gears and worm wheel gears for various applications especially in rotary tables, machining automation, electric actuators, escalators, elevators, spinning pumps, folding carton die-cutting machines, and heliostat drives, etc. Also, we have the ability to offer custom worm gears.

The best precision for our product is up to DIN 2. If you need further info about our worm wheel gears, come to contact Essor worm wheel manufacturers right now!